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Doing Business in Bangladesh
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Our organization is lead by Rick Rahim.

Currently in his early forties, Rick is a very successful entrepreneur. Rick is the President of

Rick's parents were Joyce and Enayetur Rahim. Rick's mother was an American and met his father at the University of Pennsylvania. Rick's father was from Bangladesh and both parents were very active in the liberation movement separating Bangladesh from Pakistan.

Although born in Bangladesh, Rick was raised in the United States in Virginia, where he still resides today. Although a natural American Citizen, Rick is also a citizen of Bangladesh because he was born there to a father who was a Bangladesh citizen.

Rick has maintained strong ties to Bangladesh both in business, and through his family of more than 40 uncles, aunts, and cousins who reside in Bangladesh.

When Rick was just a child, his parents had a strong personal relationship with the founding father of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Indeed, Rick's parents played an instrumental role in the liberation movement which successfully separated Bangladesh from Pakistan.

After Sheikh Rahman's assassination in 1975, the Rahim family relationship remained strong with his two surviving daughters, Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana.

Today, Sheikh Hasina leads Bangladesh as the Prime Minister of the country. She won a landslide victory winning approximately 76% of the vote. Sheikh Hasina's son, Sajeeb "Joy" Wazed, has been tapped to lead the march towards a "Digital Bangladesh."

Rick has followed in his parent's footsteps by maintaining close personal ties to Sheikh Hasina and her son. Rick has a deep personal relationship with Joy and his mother, and simply calls Sheikh Hasina "auntie."

Rick Rahim's family celebrates Eid Dinner with Sheikh Hasina
and her son's family at Joy's private residence

Doing business in Bangladesh today can be both exciting and profitable. Rick Rahim and his team are available to consult on a wide range of business projects in Bangladesh and the United States.

Rick's personal successes include several billion in sales (US Dollars) through companies he founded and managed. Rick's various companies currently employ more than 300 people and enjoy millions in annual sales.

Rick has vast experience in consulting, public speaking, business startup and development.

Rick has an extensive personal address book in his arsenal that includes captains of industry, sophisticated bankers, and even leaders of nations.

Currently, we are working or consulting on projects in Bangladesh that include electric power generation plants, telecommunications, IT, broadband, television broadcasting, satellite technology, solar energy, and highway construction.

Because of Rick's unique access to both government decision-makers and Bangladesh's elite business leaders, he is uniquely qualified to consult on most any large-scale project in Bangladesh. Moreover, he is capable of executing your business plan and ensuring its success in Bangladesh.