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About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is now trying to establish itself as the next rising star in South Asia for foreign investment. The government has implemented a number of policy reforms designed to create a more open and competitive climate for private investment, both foreign and local.

The country enjoys steady economic growth. Its current development strategy is based on the premise that the creation and distribution of wealth occurs through the acceleration of growth driven by competitive market forces.

The government is actively facilitating growth and making a clean break from the practices of a controlled economy where private investment was previously constrained. The government has been gradually withdrawing its involvement and promoting private sector participation.

Bangladesh has embarked on a privatization program, offering substantial opportunities for international investors.

The country's drive for foreign investment is being spearheaded by the Board of Investment, which was created to facilitate the setting up of manufacturing and other industries in the private sector, both local and foreign. It is a promotional organization dedicated towards providing investment assistance to all investors.

The Board is headed by the country's Prime Minister and it includes Ministers and Secretaries from the concerned ministries as well as representatives from the private sector. The Board has launched an investment promotion drive at home and abroad to attract investors. The BOI has been assisting in the implementation of new projects as well as providing services.

In order to stimulate rapid economic growth of the country, particularly through industrialization, the government has adopted an 'Open Door Policy' to attract foreign investment to Bangladesh.